The NFL’s Highest-Paid Players 2022: Bosa Tops with $44 Million, Mahomes Sits Out

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Is It Time to talk More About Dealer?

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How to be a Great Team Player

Thanks to the four-year, $70 million contract he inked during the 2016 cap spike, Bazemore has gone from toiling in the G-League to becoming the highest-paid player on one of the league’s worst rosters in less than five years. What’s important is that you understand that this is much more complex than, say, moving a … Read more

Want To Have A More Appealing Major? Read This!

Here, we present the results of a full revision of the spectral fluences for most major SEP events (GLEs) for the period from 1956 – 2017 using updated low-energy flux estimates along with greatly revisited high-energy flux data and applying the newly invented reconstruction method including an improved neutron-monitor yield function. Major bodies of water … Read more